Xi Jinping Seems To Be Preparing To 'Launch War,' Says Taiwan Minister: 'Chinese Leaders Will Think Twice'

following the time that China ended a three-day exercise of "joint precision strikes" on Taiwan, Taipei has warned that Xi Jinping is "Ready To Launch A War."

Taiwan's foreign minister Joseph Wu, in an interview with CNN was critical of Beijing's conduct regarding Taiwan's Taiwan Strait.

"Look at the military exercises, and also their rhetoric, they seem to be trying to get ready to launch a war against Taiwan," Wu stated.

"Chinese leaders will think twice before they decide to use force against Taiwan. And no matter whether it is 2025 or 2027 or even beyond, Taiwan simply needs to get ready," he added.

The day after Taiwanese president Tsai Ing Wen came back home from short trip with Taiwan in the U.S.

where she got to meet House speaker Kevin McCarthy despite Beijing's warnings, China began three days of military exercises around Taiwan.

 remarks from Wu were made at a point in which Chinese authorities are stepping up pressure on the political and military in an effort to get Taipei to recognize Beijing's sovereignty.

This has included playing war games on the island as well as sending warplanes flying into the air defence zone of Taiwan.

Taiwan as well as it's Western allies have been repeatedly been warned Xi is taking lessons from the war of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and may be able to strike Taiwan in the near future.

In the last month, Taiwan's Defense Minister stated that Taipei was on high alert this year in anticipation of the possibility of a "sudden entry" by the Chinese army into areas adjacent to their territory, amid rising tensions in Taiwan.