Google AdWords How does work

Google Ads is the Google's online advertising service. Through Google Ads you can make online ads to target individuals precisely when they're attracted by the products or services you provide.

Google Ads is a product you can use to promote your      business to sell goods and services. It can also help generate awareness      and increase the volume of traffic your website receives.

– Google Ads is maintained on the internet, which      means that you can alter campaigns at any time including the text of your      ad budget, settings, and text.

You can decide on the location in which your      advertisement will appear choose a price that you are comfortable with and      then quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your ads.

How does Google AdWords work ?

We'll show your ads when people search for goods or services similar to yours. Your ads may be seen across Google Search and Maps, as well as on our partner websites.

You'll be charged for the results for instance, when people click on your ads to contact your company, go to your site, or obtain directions to your business.

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