four tips to assist you in completing your spring and clean the food you eat

Look for labels that contain sodium, fat and sugar contents, and then look at brands to determine which ones have the lowest amounts.


For instance, opt for whole grain and plain yogurt cereals instead of pre-sweetened or refined brands, and look for low sodium or unsalted frozen and canned vegetables.

Reduce the amount of refined starches and boost the amount of fruits and vegetables you consume. Incorporating a fruit or a vegetable otherwise consume.


with every meal can "squeeze out" many of the undesirable food items and ingredients that you would

Switch out the sugary, fat-laden Ice cream for an ice cream bowl with berries or snack on baby carrots or Hummus in place of chips.

Eliminate the excess calories that are in your drinks. In addition to the sugary drinks, fruit juices, alcohol-based drinks


and fancy beverages like coffee Many people consume hundreds of calories every day, just from their beverages.

Plain tea is an excellent alternative since it can be enjoyed cold or hot, has almost no calories, and contains natural ingredients that can provide some health advantages.

Get rid of clutter from your freezer, fridge and your pantry. Stock your pantry with full-colour whole grain products that are high in fibre.


Buy canned tomatoes and beans to use in dishes like soups, stews and pasta. Your freezer and fridge should be stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables and low-fat or non-fat dairy products.

Also, keep tuna and salmon or and frozen frozen fish filets, or Chicken breasts to give protein for easy, nutritious food items.